Multiactive Serum 30ml



Intensive anti-ageing treatment to defend the skin from external agents and free radicals thanks to its special formulation containing powerful plant extracts including Echinacea and Vitamins A, E and D, all essential for the skin. Only a few applications are sufficient to tone and reduce subtle lines and the most visible wrinkles. Skin restores all of its elasticity, looks younger with a more even colour.

INGREDIENTS: Extract of Butcher’s Broom, Liquorice, Echinacea, and Mallow Sylvan, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin E acetate, Vitamin D (D-panthenol).

APPLICATION: Apply the serum in droplets to the cleansed face and neck concentrating on the most delicate areas with the most winkles. It can be applied in the morning make-up free, in the evening before applying a nourishing cream or by itself. Ideal as a base on which to apply glowing make-up. Leave the product to develop and do not remove.