Herbalvalley GmbH is a team of young marketing professionals founded in November 2005. Our goal is to make this world an even healthier and happier place where to live. 

We decided to sell online these brands Sanotint, Locherber Migliorin and Cosval after a long market research and study. We discovered there are many personal care products, haircolors, skin care, perfumes, hairloss products, but only a few are among the very best. We want to provide our customers only with with what the market can offer as a best product, and keep its promise. Sanotint hair colors are so gentle, without ammonia, Sanotint Light without PPD, covering grey hair with a permanent result. Locherber cosmetics have high quality swiss made and very affordable.

Our Company is based in Wuppenau, a small village in the swiss country side, where humans live in respect with the nauture surrounding us. Thanks to our loyal customers, valuable products, and right marketing , we had the priviledge  to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2015.

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The Herbalvalley Team