Lotum anti- wrinklle cream 50 ml


LOTUM anti- wrinkle cream 50 ml

Revolutionary regenerating anti-wrinkle treatment.

DESCRIPTION: Specially formulated to restore moisture, firmness and elasticity, this brand new cream helps cancel the premature signs of ageing, remodelling the contours of the face and smoothing wrinkles. Lotum contains the latest discovery in beauty care, Hexapeptide (Argireline), able to control muscle contractions and reduce expression lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements.This treatment is specifically suited to dehydrated, stressed and ageing skin that has lost its elasticity. It has immediate soothing effects which result in firmer, more toned skin with new vitality. Lotum is also recommended as a treatment after exposure to UV rays and intense cosmetic treatments.

APPLICATION: Massage a thin layer onto a cleansed and toned face, and leave it to absorb without removing.

INGREDIENTS: Lotus flower, Cogon Grass, Algae, Saxifrage, Para cress, Irish Moss, Apricot kernel oil.