Lifting Complex cream 50 ml



Special cream for face, neck and décolleté.

DESCRIPTION: The harmony of female beauty depends on the most visible parts of a woman’s face: face, neck, décolleté. These are also more exposed to external agents which, together with the passing of time, contribute towards premature ageing and the need for “intensive” remodeling treatments. This special formula was specifically designed for smoothing, shaping, firming and regenerating mature skins. With low UVA nad UVB sun filters.

APPLICATION: Apply a thin layer of cream on face, neck, decolleté and if necessary arms morning and evening and gently massaging into the skin.

INGREDIENTS: For the first time all the natural active ingredients are working together to provide outstanding results: Chamomile, Starflower oil, hydrating and anti-inflammatory saccharides and phytosaccharides, natural Shea butter, natural Fucose ( sugar from plants) rich in polysaccharides, obtained for fermentation, D-Panthenol.