Cleansing Oil 200 ml



This extra delicate non-greasy product containing the oily extract of Millet is ideal for washing hair gently without stripping the fibres, making hair strong and easy to manage, thanks to the healing properties of Golden Millet.This is a very advanced product for washing coloured, bleached, brittle, fine and blonde hair on a daily basis.Can also be used as a baby shampoo.Does not irritate the skin, respects the skin’s PH whilst improving the hair structure. Does not contain colourings or additives, it is not thickened with salt, it is does not make hair oily and does not lather.

Does not contain derivatives of animal origin. Product not tested on animals. Does not contain derivatives of mineral origin. Dermatologically tested. Alcohol free. Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin. Does not contain GMOs. Does not contain added metals.

INFORMATION, INSTRUCTIONS AND COMPOSITION: Gently massage a small amount onto the hair. Rinse and repeat if necessary.