Aftershave cream 75 ml


AFTER SHAVE Cream 75ml

Men's skin is subjected to considerable stress, from the effects of external agents (wind, cold, sun) to the daily shave; in addition, there are often specific problems, such as the excess of sebaceous secretions, the presence of blackheads, areas of acne, small cuts. This product helps to soothe irritated skin, prevent specific problems and hydrate, making the skin smoother and more even, on the face and neck. It protects the skin thanks to the presence of sun filters that work as “city filters”. It does not prevent tanning, and tones the skin thanks to the action of Hyaluronate Acid and its salts and the selected Biosaccharides. It prevents redness and skin defects thanks to the D-panthenol and Wheat germ oil that has specific hemostatic properties.

APPLICATION: Apply to the face and neck after shaving. Non-greasy. Absorbs rapidly. The product can also be used to heal and prevent skin blemishes. In this case apply all over face and neck.

COMPOSITION: Siberian Ginseng (Eleuterococchus), Menthol, Wheat Germ Oil, D-panthenol, Hyaluronate Sodium.