The Origins of "The Dolphins" in the Venetia Locherber Home Fragrance Posted on 19 Nov 12:05

The Origins of "The Dolphins" in the Venetiae" Fragrance
The Famous Briccole ( Channel Markers or Dolphins) are groups of three pilings that mark the navigable channels in the venice lagoon and provide important information to seafarers.
The Dolphins are oakwood, sometimes larch poles which mark the shipping lanes of the venetian lagoon. Approximately every twenty years the "Dolphins" need to be replaced after they have been corroded by salt and, more seriously, eroded by a shipworm (the Teredo Navalis), which tunnels into wood.
Locherber Milano uses the salvaged dolphins to create unique objects which are rich in history and fine examples of genuine italian craftsmanship
The Uniquenes of its source material and the skill with which it is worked, make each stopper one of its kind. Shaped on a lathe and painstakingly hand-finished the new T" stoppers made from Dolphins are genuine, finely crafted jewels
"To Live in venice or even to visit it, means that you fall in love with the city itself. There is nothing left over in your heart for anyone else"