SOS PC 28 Gel a natural pain relief massage gel Posted on 21 Aug 16:03

Use Of Glucosamine And Chondroitin Supplements Can Help Alleviate Joint Pain And Maintain Proper Joint Health

At some point in our lives we experience joint pain either from overworking or simply resulting from the aging process where it can be a more enduring, chronic type of pain. Either way the pain can be uncomfortable and can prevent one from doing activities that are generally taken for granted. There are many options for those suffering from joint pain or for those who wish simply to maintain proper joint health.

One such option is taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate. Chondroitin is a primary component of cartilage that helps it maintain water and is made naturally by the body. Glucosamine, like Chondroitin, is also occurs naturally in the body and is found in the fluid surrounding the joints. When these naturally occurring substances in the body begin to degrade, joint pain tends to occur. Many people experiencing joint pain resort to taking a Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement which allegedly helps to restore both of these substances and lessen the pain one experiences in their joints. Many also take the supplement to maintain proper joint health and function.

One such supplement is PC 28. PC 28 comes in tablet form as well as a massaging gel. The tablet is comprised of herbal ingredients such as perna canaliculus and vitamin D3. The perna canalucus is derived from Devil’s Claw roots and Feverfew plant tops. The Devil’s Claw and Feverfew tend to favorably soothe joints and help maintain proper joint health and function. The vitamin D is a dietary supplement designed to maintain normal muscle function and works in conjunction with PC 28’s other ingredients to help relax and soothe painful joints and to restore natural function. The standard dosage is 1 tablet per day and should be used as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to achieve maximum benefit.

The PC 28 massaging gel contains much of the same ingredients as that of the tablet but also has oil of peppermint, lemon, red thyme and lavender. All of the ingredients included in the gel act as smoothing, calming, toning, and refreshing attributes. PC 28 gel’s primary purpose is to revitalize circulation around the joints, thus alleviating joint aches and at the same time soothing and refreshing the skin. This gel can be used many times during the day and should be massaged into the part of the body being affected by the pain.

These products are just two of the many that are available on the market to help alleviate joint pain and maintain proper joint health. If experiencing joint pain or if you just want to maintain joint health, the best way to find out which supplements and products work best is through proper investigation and use.