Benefits Of Haircolor Without Ammonia Posted on 24 Apr 16:46

Benefits Of Haircolor Without Ammonia

Ammonia is an agent that is used in the production of hair dye, but it has been found not be a good alkaline agent.

Using ammonia-free colors may prevent that dry, over processed feeling that has been a side-effect of using ammonia, and they are gentler on the hair, and with no disagreeable odor or irritation.

Benefits of Haircolor without Ammonia


  • It is good for your hair


Most people who color their hair often, suffer from rashes along the hair line or irritating skin. Colors without Ammonia do not have harsh side effects on your hair while making it healthier and shinier.


  • It protects your Skeletal Skin


After using your hair product, if you feel a burning sensation on your scalp or it itches, then probably your skin is reacting to the presence of ammonia in the hair product and you should get a new product that does not contain ammonia.

Sanotint Haircolor- A New Brand without Ammonia


This new brand is a permanent haircolor and it also covers grey hair by a 100% Sanotint comes in different sub categories, you have the Sanotint classic, Sanotint sensitive, Sanotint reflex and the Sanotint shampoo and conditioner.


The Sanotint classic is a brilliant and long lasting coloration and it is perfect for grey hair coverage. It is ideal to make the hair healthy, smooth and glowing and it gives long lasting brilliant color results with perfect grey coverage right from the first application.


The Sanotint reflex is a natural product which contains plant extracts that conducively work together to assure you of bright and shiny highlights creating different shades from dark black to warm deep reds.


The Sanotint sensitive is for those with sensitive hair and skin. It is produced with golden millet extracts and is a very safe product for hair coloring.


Sanotint shampoo perfectly removes dirt from the hair whilst fully respecting the chemical balance of the scalp leaving the hair clean, soft and shiny. This shampoo is great for maintain toned and glossy hair, whilst respecting its natural protection. The Sanotint conditioner is rich in silica and is ideal for protecting the hair and it can be used daily.


Sanotint haircolor is ammonia free and is produced with Ethanolamine.


Ethanolamine is the safest alkaline agent for use on the human scalp. Alkaline agent is used to lift the cuticle and produce a lasting hair color. Ethanolamine is an alkaline and is derived from coconut oil which is really great for the hair.