What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality? Posted on 25 May 08:50

What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality?


Does the color of a woman's hair really tell anything about her personality? Are blondes really dumb? Or do they have more fun? What about redheads? Are their temperaments as fiery as we are made to believe? And can mousy brown hair tell us that a brunette is just plain boring?


While some people believe these trite adages, others believe that we can learn something about people based on their hair color. Why don't you be the judge?


Let's begin with blonde hair. This is actually quite rare around the world. It has been found mostly in northern Europe and America, of course, where many of those people traveled to live. But blonde hair has also been found in the South Pacific, more specifically in the Solomon Islands where people eat a diet of fish and where people spend most of their time in the sun.

Personality traits seem to fit a vision that many hold true – high maintenance along with a high divorce rate. And blonde hair seems to be a sign of feminism, youth, naivete and obedience. And it does seem that men really do prefer blondes.


As for red hair, science has proven that this hair color is from a mutation in the gene. True redheads can be found in England, Scotland and even in Pakistan. In some countries, as in the European countries, red hair is respected and valued. However in other places, Germany, for example, women with red hair and green eyes are said to be witches, connected with evil and the devil.


Personality traits of redheads seem to be all over the place! Redheads are thought to be mysterious or passionate or alluring or bad tempered or opinionated or even sexually promiscuous.


People with brunette hair primarily come from Africa, Asia or South America, and in Europe brunettes are actually found to be rather exotic! Interesting to note that in the rest of the world, the same is true of redheads and blondes.


The personality of a brunette is thought to be hard working, serious and given to longer lasting relationships. However, nicotine addiction is more prone to brunettes. And this is the hair color that will go bald more often.



Lastly, there is black hair. Women seem to prefer men with black hair. However, due to DNA coding, people with black hair seem to be more prone to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.


As for their personalities, people with black hair seem to be more melancholy and introspective. They are more interested in spirituality and religion, as well as poetry. They are very self centered and serious, however they are also given to self doubt and people with black hair are well suited to the disciplines of psychiatry and therapy.