Locherber Milano Malabar Pepper - Amazing Design and Perfume Posted on 1 Jul 20:15

Locherber Milano Malabar Pepper - Aromatic Perfume Spicy and Woody  

Nothing is left to chance: the glass of the hand-painted bottles and the labels made of jacquard fabric make our bottles unique and precious. An elegant and sophisticated collection, emblem of Italian style and quality in the world.

Our artisans are hidden artists who often explore and revive ancient techniques, such as sculpting clay by hand. This craft has ancient origins and draws on the Etruscan traditions of Tuscany. The stoppers are made one by one in the desired form by expert hands, which still have the power to enchant us today.

Our senses shape our emotions. A store, a hotel, an exhibition, a restaurant, a home, are perceived through touch, hearing and sight but our most immediate and strongest
perception of a place is linked to our sense of smell. This is why our perfumes are the result of careful research on the part of Maîtres Parfumeur, who select the finest essential oils to produce a sensation of wellbeing. The aim of their research is to create a unique and exclusive style instantly recognisable as a product of excellence. This is the Locherber style.