Locherber Milano Habana Tobacco Fragrance Posted on 19 Nov 15:00

The four sacred plants of the Navajo Indians

The leaves—sweet-smelling, hay-like, and earthy—have been used for healing, for magic, and for ritual. Tobacco was very important in ceremonial uses for many Native Americans , as early as 1 B.C, who used this native plant for ceremony, for prayer, for healing, or as an offering. For some, the act of smoking tobacco signified words that left the mouth and were carried on the smoke into the spirit world. It is one of the four sacred plants (corn, squash, tobacco and beans) of the Diné or Navajo and the sacred pipe was used widely for tobacco by the Oglala Lakota before ceremonies or treaty signing.

The absolute of tobacco in which the cured leaves are solvent extracted and washed with alcohol is used in perfumery for its rich, warm, slightly dirty and sweet tobacco note. It may or may not be nicotine-free. The effect of tobacco in a perfume is hard to achieve with other ingredients. Some detect a hint of whisky or caramel in the absolute; others find it coumarinic and reminiscent of pipe tobacco. It is very tenacious and is used in exotic perfumes, masculine scents, and  feminine oriental blends

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