Benefits of Green Caviar for your Skin Posted on 20 Feb 17:35

The Benefits Of Caulerpa Lentillifera In Skin Care



Caulerpa Lentillifera has an abundance of moisturizing properties that helps the body recover from dryness of the skin. This ingredient has been used to prepare different types of cosmetics namely, hand creams, body creams, face mask and a host of others. Among these creams that have been developed from Caulerpa Lentillifera extract we have, the Locherber Green Caviar cream and other variety of Locherber cosmetics for skin care, which includes, body cream, face cream and hand Cream, etc. Below are a variety Locherber products available;


  • The Locherber Green Caviar Cream- it has a very rich and creamy texture and is one of the ways nature and science have combined an extraordinary anti-ageing treatment. It is extracted from a plant called green caviar, and its vegetal stem cells are collected through a biotechnological process which acts efficiently in improving the tone and elasticity of the skin.


  • The Hand Relief cream - the hands are a vital to the body because, as they work and move, they reveal our age. That is why they deserve continuous and delicate care. This Locherber product provides immediate protection and restores the most chapped and dry hands. The cream will make the skin appear younger, smoother and softer from as early as the first application. It isn't greasy and is absorbed immediately.


  • The Mild cleansing soap- This hypoallergenic fluid soap is a remarkably natural disinfectant which gently cleanses even the most sensitive of skins. It prevents common skin problems like irritations, acne, redness, etc. Regular use this product will leave the skin soft, pleasantly perfumed and cleansed of all impurities. The skin will instantly regain its softness, elasticity, and radiance.


  • The Locherber Delicate soap (100% natural) - is a unique product that is made in Switzerland. This naturally acidic soap is obtained from milk serum. It gently and deeply cleanses the skin, hydrating, stimulating, and protecting it. The skin eventually finds its original form and the sebaceous layer stays intact. This product is ideal for either a delicate, sensitive skin. It doesn't cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. It is also recommended for those with skin disorders.


  • The Cream for mixed skins- it is made for combating oily skin and shiny T-zone. It designed to combat the major contributors to shiny skin, especially on the T-zone (chin, nose, and forehead). This condition is due to excess sebum and environmental factors (perspiration and humidity). Its natural ingredients with anti-shine and matting properties are durable and lets the skin feel soft, hydrated and purified. When applying it in the morning concentrate on the T-zone. It is ideal to use it before applying make-up.


  • The Purifying Cream- the oily skin, with excessive sebaceous secretions, generally tends to stay younger and is more resistant to wrinkles than dry skin. Unfortunately, its defects have to be eliminated early, before they get worse and lead to a formation of blackheads and pimples. This new formulation with its natural ingredients fights excess sebum and flushes out impurities freeing the pores. It gently penetrates into the skin giving it a balanced tone. It should be applied to the skin daily concentrating on areas around the nose, forehead, and the back. It should be continuously applied to smooth skin that has no imperfections is achieved.


  • The Purifying Gel- This Locherber product is ideal for eliminating daily impurities, excess sebum, make-up and dirt from the skin. It's is composed of natural antiseptic ingredients that combat skin blemishes, immediately resulting in a restored, and smoother skin, keeping it ready to receive further treatment. It doesn't let the skin dry out. Apply it onto the face and massage gently in circular motion. Then rinse with water or use Locherber’s Cleansing Tonic Lotion after 1 -2 minutes.


  • The Cleansing Tonic Lotion- This is a two in one innovative formula that cleanses and tones the skin, removing dead cells and preparing the skin for the application of make-up in the morning. It can also be used in the evening, as it removes makeup residue and all impurities from the skin. It will leave your skin brighter, fresher, hydrated and more toned. It does not tighten nor dry out the skin. Just a small amount onto a piece of cotton wool is enough to cleanse the face and remove traces of makeup residue and impurities.


  • The Locherber Face Peeling Scrub- is an effective, gentle and exfoliating cream that deeply cleanses and regenerates the skin with the aid its natural active ingredients. It removes dead skin cells, traces of makeup residue without causing any skin irritation. Continuous application of the Locherber Face Peeling will make the skin appear smoother and brighter. Spread a layer of cream on an already cleansed face and neck, and then massage tenderly in an upward circular motion.


  • The Locherber calming cream- This product possesses natural ingredients that help skin that has been parched due to intensive exposure to the sun or UVA lamps or skin that is reddened as a result of contact with intense heat. Its plant extracts along with its refreshing and healing properties provide immediate relief and prevents the development of more negative effects that occurs as a result of burns. It will restore the skin to its original form. Its ingredients are also known for relieving pain sustained as a result of insect bites. Just apply a small quantity of the Locherber calming cream after exposure to the sun, sunlamps and minor burns.


Locherber Green Caviar cream and other Locherber skin care products are beneficial because of the natural extracts and other special ingredients that give the skin that perfect, fresh, soothing look.