Colloidal Gold for your Skin Posted on 20 Feb 17:29

Benefits Of Locherber Gold Cream 24K On The Skin

A host of unexpected ingredients is now being turned in by several beauty companies in an effort to keep their customers looking young. In a bid to erase the perturbing signs of ageing and keep the skin looking more beautiful, skincare companies are soliciting the help of almost everything ranging from diamonds to Swiss apples and caviar because the search for the youthful fountain never dies.

These days the skincare line is not only adding precious metals but also precious and semi-precious stones than the jewelry box itself. Some of its popular ingredients include gold, platinum, quartz, diamonds and mother-of-pearl.

Gold, in general, is known as a transition metal. It is malleable, soft, heavy, ductile and shiny which does not react with most chemicals but is highly sensitive to pure water and chlorine. Usually, gold is obtainable in its pure state and in the form of alluvial deposits and nuggets. Although it may appear ruby, purple or black in fine division, however, gold always has a yellow color in the rough.

Colloidal gold is believed to boost elasticity and reduce the depletion of collagen as long as skincare is concerned. Experience has shown that when products with gold inclusive ingredient are used and incorporated into a daily skincare regime, it does not only boost the flow of blood in the skin but also restores the elasticity of the skin. A firm and light skin, drastic reduction in pigmentation, wrinkles and sun damage are all effects of including a little gold in a night cream.

The trend during this winter season is antique gold in partnership with chocolate brown and black shades to produce a murky eye illusion. A flawless luminous look creates a flawless luminous look on the face when gold flakes are facially used in primers or a gold gel before make-up. Additionally, Colloidal gold makes the face look warmer thereby making it ideal for winter.

Active hormone secretion, good lymph functionality and good blood circulation is needed to maintain a beautiful skin. To promote proper circulation of blood within the body, a mild current need to be generated. Thanks to the negative ions contained in pure gold. These ions also assist in stimulating the lymph glands so as to ensure that oxygen and nutrients can be transported to all the tissues in the body while ensuring that the flowing results are produced.

- Improved metabolism and secretion of waste

- Active generation of collagen

- Proper stimulation of veins and nerves thereby leading to an effective and efficient blood circulation

- Activated skin cells from increased hormone secretion

By so doing, colloidal gold helps to prevent ageing and improve the innate strength of the skin and also goes a long way in preventing ageing by drastically minimizing dryness through better metabolism and more effective moisturizing.

Colloidal gold also helps in reducing sagging skin, spots, and wrinkles. Although the skin absorbs the gold flakes, they, however, reside on the skin surface as ultrafine particles leaving a constant massaging effect on the skin.

Pure gold has always been respected since ancient times and has been regarded as a symbol of eternity and a wonder drug in herbal medicine. With pure gold, the inner beauty of the skin is both internally and externally awakened and nurtured to produce the overwhelming effect of a glowing skin. In conclusion, gold firms, revitalizes, detoxifies, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines while improving the elasticity of the skin.

Skin Benefit Of Locherber gold cream 24k

Considered as the most malleable and ductile metal ever known, gold is an effective conductor of electricity, as well as heat and it is not affected by chemical agents or by air. This metal is highly resistant to chemical change by moisture, heat and most corrosive agents.

Biological contaminants which are usually generated by the body and encapsulated in clogged pores or in the upper layers of dead skin are often eliminated when gold nanoparticles are applied to the skin. This is one of several causes of premature aged, tired and dull skin.

Locherber gold cream 24k is their energy burden that balances the electrical properties of the body and stimulates the vital energy, providing a great balance inwardly and a well-marked skin. It also stimulates collagen synthesis, protect and moisturize the skin. As a result, the common influences of the environment are of non-effect on the skin.

Here are some benefits of Locherber gold cream 24k on the skin.

- Locherber gold cream 24k can be used as a revitalizing therapy. It leaves the skin completely mineralized after it is removed in 20 minutes.

- Its benefit against cellular aging is the most outstanding property of gold. Locherber gold cream 24k reinforces the natural defense system by serving as a protective shield on the skin.

- Although colloidal gold evens out the appearance of the skin, it drastically reduces fine lines.

- It has also got the power to achieve electrostatic cell balance by increasing the chemical reaction rate of active ingredients placed in the skin.

- Locherber gold cream 24k is free from radicals and so, it serves as an effective anti-inflammatory.

- When it comes in contact with human skin, Locherber gold cream 24k rarely causes allergic reactions because t is a non-toxic ingredient. Compared with other cosmetic ingredients, colloidal gold always remains unchanged.

- One of the biggest perpetrators of cell deterioration is peroxynitrate. Locherber gold cream 24k prevents the development of peroxynitrate in the body by blocking its formation thereby acting as an antioxidant.