Shampoo for normal hair 200 ml



Thanks to the use of hydrating ingredients including Millet, this shampoo perfectly cleanses the hair whilst fully respecting the hydrolipidic balance of the scalp leaving the hair clean, soft and glossy. While the natural extracts of Mallow, Marshmallow and Sand Plantain guarantee protective, softening and balsamic actions, those of Field Horsetail have elasticising, sebostatic and demineralising properties and those of Fenugreek present elevated toning and anti-inflammatory qualities. This shampoo is ideal for maintaining toned and glossy hair, whilst respecting its natural protection.

Does not contain derivatives of animal origin, product not tested on animals, does not contain derivatives of mineral origin, dermatologically tested, alcohol free, does not contain colourings of synthetic origin, GMO free, does not contain added metals.

INFORMATION, INSTRUCTIONS AND COMPOSITION: Suitable for coloured, treated (permanent), damaged and brittle hair. Massage gently onto wet hair, leave the shampoo in for a few minutes then rinse with lots of water. For particularly dirty hair, shampoo twice.