Fluid Cream Bouquet di Rose 30 ml


Fluid Cream BOUQUET di ROSE 30 ml

The best ingredients for your skin come from Swiss cosmetic tradition. Our laboratories have worked with nature to create a fluid cream that produces the best results for your skin. The product allows the active ingredients to be absorbed into your skin efficiently. The HL complex was created by the work of a team of the best laboratory technicians. Pichia Pastoris is produced through fermentation, a type of beer yeast, in the presence of Resveratrol. The yeast uses Resveratrol as a nutritional substance and metabolizes it completely in its most available form. Through this complex it was demonstrated that more oxygen flows to the cells when the ageing process is slowed down and they help in the production of collagen. Through this, there is an improvement in the colour of the skin, the skin tone and its resistance which then reduces lines and wrinkles.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Rosa Centifolia, extract of resveratol, vitamin A, B and E.

APPLICATION: Apply morning and night onto cleansed face, neck and décolleté massaging until it is fully absorbed.