Comfort Cream 50 ml


COMFORT Cream 50 ml

Comfort Cream, more than just a simple moisturizer, it helps to reactivate and regenerate the cells. Comfort Cream reactivates the natural moisturizing mechanisms with every application creating visible changes. Dehydrated skin appears radiant, young and fresh. A precious hydrating complex made up of Black Oats (Avena Strigosa) is one of the main ingredients with its well known soothing and re-epithelizing properties. It is readily absorbed into the skin and the unsaturated phospholipids are the essential cellular membrane components that keep hydration at optimal levels. They work together to keep the water locked into the skin and strengthen the structure of the skin barrier, stabilising the hydrolipidic film on the skin. Aloe Vera has well-known soothing and moisturizing properties and a blend of active hydrating ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Panthenol and Vitamin E complete the formula. Drop by drop Comfort Cream helps to deeply restore the skin by giving it maximum comfort and a pleasant nourished feeling from the first application.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Black Oats, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil.

APPLICATION: Every morning and evening after thoroughly cleansing using a circular motion on the face.