Anti-wrinkle cream 50 ml



With evening primrose and Borage oil.

DESCRIPTION: Treat your skin to a specific overnight treatment: with a unique formulation this cream, containing Macadamia, Borage and Evening Primrose oils, all precious plants, enables you to keep your skin youthful and beautiful. It deeply nourishes hydrates and tones the skin tissues. The visibility of the deepest wrinkles reduces considerably thanks to the active ingredients that act in synergy to renew skin when you sleep. It helps, in this way, to fight dryness of the skin and the formation of early wrinkles. In the morning your face will feel firmer and calmer.

APPLICATION: Spread a layer of cream to well cleansed and toned face every evening before going to bed.

INGREDIENTS: Plant Oils (Macadamia Nut, Evening Primrose, Borage); Beech bud extract; Plant Ceramides; Hydrating complex (bisaccharide gum-1); D-panthenol; 0,1 Red Algae extract; Vit. E acetatate, Vit. A palmitate; Hyaluronate Sodium.